Emmanuel Goût?

I was born in the North of France (Roubaix), in 1959.

I started to work at 17 while still a student in a medical clinic, as a postman, as a chauffeur and for a national magazine.

At 22, my first full time employment was selling wool, the raw material.
The company sent me to Italy to open and develop its sales office (1982). Seven years later, I brought it to become the second largest raw wool merchant on the Italian market.

I moved into the television business in 1989, because I created and grasped the opportunity to work for Berlusconi as International Manager where I was in charge of Czechoslovakia, Poland and Soviet Union – later to become Russia. In 1994, I prefer not to follow the Berlusconi’s political adventure and join Canal +. A few years later I was Chairman of Canal + Italy.

As Canal+ Vivendi started to dismiss international businesses (2002), I joined Cinecittà to manage from scratch the realization of a 150 million euros designed by Dante Ferretti multi Oscar-awarded scenographer. A great real estate achievement.

Simultaneously, and to this day, while based in Moscow, I have worked B2B B2P P2P for energy and gas, Russian nuclear industry, transport (airport and airlines), entertainment, political, defence, cybersecurity, religious institutions.and as a Public and Governmental Relations advisor too.

I was appointed Ambassador of the oldest worldwide Republic.

My “slots” brought me regularly to Rome, Moscow, Paris, Brussels, Warsaw, Praha, London, Tel Aviv, Teheran, Damascus.

Team work is essential to me as being part of it or as its leader. Best creativity meetings are usually hold close to the coffee machine.

I always fought against all those who think that structuring stress and « ansia » are good working method.

I am father of 4 children, not sports addicted, enjoy “apéros” and cigars.
Usual blood pressure 13/8.

Capacity to Analyse, Promote, Persuade, Sell, Manage, Build, Share + Respect.

So… I succeeded to link between textile industry, media, cinema, institutional crisis communication, a theme park, nuclear industry, airlines, Russia, Europe and Middle East, that’s why life is definitely fun… and that why death kills you because she is jealous…