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America First…

Free Europe!

Be an European, not an europeist!

Why should I trust, today, the international policy of those who…

during the last 50 years…

promoted and supported the worst dictatorships in South America

napalmed villages in Asia

used identified fake testimony (fake nurse in front of institutional commission) to justify its policy in Middle East 

presented in front of the world (UN) fake documents to justify the invasion of a country in Middle East

sent mercenaries and tortured in Iraq (may be not only) 

bombed a country without UN green light in North Africa  

recognized new borders in the 90’s in Europe

condemned or blackmailed international companies arguing extraterritoriality of their own laws 

Only because they lost 400000 life to save Europe meanwhile Russia lost 20 millions lives…

or because they have a good propaganda Hollywood production…

America First! Good for them, for sure, but for us?

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